Sunday, October 25, 2009

Healing while dieing

I heard an interview the other night on the way home from work; Matt Galloway, CBC Radio host of Here & Now was talking with Paul Quarrington.

Paul is described as a musician/award-winning author/film-maker and he just recently won the Matt Cohen Award from The Writers Trust of Canada.

For those who don't know (and I didn't) the Matt Cohen award was "Established in 2001 by The Writers' Trust of Canada and a group of anonymous donors, [and] given for a lifetime of distinguished work by a Canadian writer, working in either poetry or prose, writing in either french or english who has dedicated his or her life to writing as a primary pursuit. Valued at $20,000, it is one of the richest literary awards in the country.

According to the 'online guide to Canadian authors' Matt Cohen died of cancer in December 1999, at the age of 56. His first novel was published in 1969 and during his writing career he published 34 books, including novels, short stories, poetry and books for children. Cohen also worked for all Canadian writers through his long association with The Writers' Union of Canada. He was a founding member of the Union, and served as an executive member for many years."

Paul Quarrington is 56 years old. Paul is also suffering from stage 4, inoperable, lung cancer.

The interview was well done - a difficult subject for sure. But Paul made it easy for Galloway to discuss his health and the short time he has ahead of him.

One thing that struck me most in the interview was something that Paul said. He talked about the gnashing of teeth when he first was diagnosed and about all the stages that he moved through between then and now. But one thing he said was most I don't have it verbatim but the essence stayed with me.

Paul talked about how he had been healed. In the face of his imminent death he said that he was healed. You hear about people who pray to be 'healed' when what they really mean is that they want to be 'cured. And so they miss the peace and joy that true healing could have brought to them.

Paul didn't miss it. He's living life to the fullest. He said that if 80 years is wonderful then so is one, or two. Good man. Healed man. Thanks Be to God.

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