Sunday, January 17, 2010

"It's not the fatigue. It's the emotional load."

I read this quote in the paper today. "It's not the fatique. It's the emotional load." Spoken by Dr. Mike Howatt, a surgeon with the GlobalMedic team in Haiti, as he reflected on what he had been facing since arriving. Amputations by flashlight, many without anaesthesia. We complain when we have to wait to see our doctors. We complain when we're faced with delay at our local emergency department - a place we often go even when we really don't need the services of an emergency physician. We complain when we have to wait to get our pain medication after recovering from surgery. We complain. But why? Because humans certainly have the capacity to do otherwise. The paper talked about a ten year old girl who sang hymns while the doctors cut off her infected hand - with no anaesthesia. Doesn't sound like she complained does it? Nope, she sang hymns. Amazing. My hero.

We can learn a lot from her. Give generously to help Haiti.

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