Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Dare to Remember Update

Well, my month without television is coming to an end. I surpassed by goal of $1,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and increased it to $1250 which I hope to meet by end of day next Sunday, October 25th.

I watched (not on TV but on my computer!!!) Stephen Lewis on George Stroumboulopoulos and was impressed anew with his passion and strength. When George asked him about losing his faith in the fight Stephen replied that he certainly had his ups and downs but that one cannot let futility take hold. What an amazing man. In the face of 8-10 million people needing treatment and only about 3million receiving it one could expect that you might get discouraged. And I suppose he does. Get discouraged, that is. But he never gives up.

He said he's concerned that, at his age of 72, he doesn't have enough years left to do what he needs to do. That's why the Foundation is so important. People need to pick up the torch and follow in his footsteps.

A Dare to Remember. An amazing man. Thanks Stephen Lewis for being such an inspiration.

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