Saturday, March 21, 2009

but what if it's all junk?

Get rid of the junk in your life he said.

'Junk?' she thought, maybe I should have a garage sale.

not that kind of junk he said, reading her thoughts.

the junk in your heart and your soul.

junk that pushes God out of your life.

junk like envy and greed and hatred and fear and jealousy ... but mostly fear.

'Rhetorical question' she asked

[well, if it was rhetorical did she ask it or state it?]

'Rhetorical question'

'what if it's all junk?'

it isn't. he replied. you were created in the image of God. That's why you laugh so well when you laugh. That's why you feel so deeply when you feel. that's why it hurts so much at times. None of that is junk. all of that is divinity.

the challenge is to believe it ..... and that's the fear ... what if it's ALL junk??

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